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Daniel Cormier On Why He’d Only Fight Jon Jones At Light Heavyweight Again

If Daniel Cormier fights Jon Jones a third time, then it has to be at light heavyweight once again for “DC.”

Cormier is scheduled to defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight gold against Stipe Miocic at UFC 241 in August. It’ll be his second heavyweight title defense. If Cormier gets past Miocic in their rematch, then many are anticipating Cormier vs. Jones III. If that happens, don’t count on it being contested at heavyweight. That is if Cormier gets his way.

Cormier Explains Why He’d Only Fight Jones A Third Time At Light Heavyweight

Cormier spoke to reporters during a scrum a Rio. He detailed why a third fight with Jones would have to be contested at 205 pounds (via

“If I fight Jon Jones again, it’ll be at 205. That’s where he won the fights, and that’s where I would want to beat him at. I’ve done so much more now that my career is not tied to Jon Jones anymore. It was initially, right? Because he beat me, I won the light heavyweight title, and I was always fighting at light heavyweight, then I became the heavyweight champ. Then I defended the light heavyweight title three times.

“This is my ninth UFC title fight. Why am I worried about tying my career to somebody else? I fought for the gold belt, it’s going to be 10 times in my career. So, I need no one. But if I want to fight Jones, I’ll fight Jones. It’ll be my decision this time.”

Jones is the reigning light heavyweight title holder. He’s set to defend his gold against Thiago Santos at UFC 239 on July 6. It’ll be Jones’ second title defense in his current run as the 205-pound king.

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