Monday, June 27, 2022

Daniel Cormier Says Stipe Miocic Will Be A Broken Man After Their Rematch

Daniel Cormier believes he’ll mentally break Stipe Miocic after their second encounter.

Cormier vs. Miocic II is scheduled for UFC 242 in August. The action will be held inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In their first bout, Cormier captured the UFC heavyweight title by knocking out Miocic in the opening frame.

Cormier Responds To Miocic’s Comments

Miocic uncharacteristically blasted Cormier for saying he was “entitled.” Miocic called Cormier an “idiot” During an appearance on the Talk and Talker podcast, Cormier responded to Miocic (via

“Fighters, we’re a different breed. Right away I was like, ‘Oh Stipe, son of a b*tch.’ But I like it though because the first time he’s all chummy and he’s all quiet and he doesn’t want to build a fight. Now at least he’s being vocal about how he feels. Be vocal. Tell me how you feel and that you want to kick my ass so when I kick your ass again, then you’re like in a dark room, just done.

“He’s gonna be done. After this one, it will be very hard for Stipe to get back to where he once was because this one’s going to break him. I know what the second Jones fight did to me. It almost broke me. But all my life experiences – my father, my cousin, my daughter, my roommate – all those life experiences allowed me to keep things in perspective, whereas he hasn’t really had to do that. So when he loses in this spot, I don’t think he’ll be able to recover from it. It’ll be too much.”

Cormier had been hoping for a big money fight with Brock Lesnar. The seeds were planted when Lesnar shoved “DC” following the UFC 226 main event. Nothing materialized as Lesnar informed UFC president Dana White that he has decided to retire from mixed martial arts competition.

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