Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Boxing Promoter Eddie Hearn Explains Pic With UFC Boss Dana White

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White made some waves without saying a word.

White posted an image of himself with Hearn. White has been working on getting Zuffa Boxing off the ground and has said that he’s going after big names in boxing. Hearn can certainly be of use when it comes to talent acquisition.

Hearn Breaks Down Image With White

Hearn spoke to Fight Hype and he explained the photo with White (via

“It’s blown up. Do you know what? All it was, was I went to the UFC training center because that’s where Danny’s [Jacobs] been training. Dana’s son was hitting the pads and Dana came out and started watching it. I’m a massive Dana White fan. I don’t want to sound like a fanboy but I have massive respect for what the UFC have done. I’ll be honest, a lot of things we do are based around the success of what the UFC have done. So I went over, introduced myself to him, we spoke. He had the courtesy to take me to his other building across the road where they’re going to be doing live shows.”

While Hearn didn’t make mention of a boxing collaboration, he did say that the UFC’s business is motivational to what he does. Time will tell if something eventually materializes, but for now it’s all a tease.

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