Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Israel Adesanya Puts Dopers On Notice: “I’m Snitching”

You might not want to do steroids anywhere in the vicinity of Israel Adesanya. And you certainly don’t want to tell him you’re doing steroids or dare to offer him some. Because Israel Adesanya is putting all steroid abusers, peddlers, and mongers on notice: he would snitch on you without a second thought.

What evoked this disclosure by Israel Adesanya was T.J. Dillashaw’s recent USADA suspension for EPO usage and Adesanya’s recollection that a famous former teammate of Dillashaw’s admitted that he knew all about it:

 “He didn’t need it,” Adesanya told The Schmo in a recent interviewof Dillashaw. “I don’t think he needed it to be great, but maybe mentally they’re not confident. Something that Cody said, at the press conference when he was talking shit, he said, he’s the one that showed us how to do steroids. So when he said ‘us,’ that means there’s a lot more people. And even Ali Abdelaziz says he knows five guys who are on it right now, but no one’s snitching. I don’t understand. I tell you what, don’t offer me no steroids, because I’m snitching. Understand that.”

Well, you can’t say you weren’t forewarned, steroid abusers worldwide. To be fair, Cody Garbrandt did a “soft snitch,” where he publicly told the entire world that Dillashaw was doping and even once mentioned EPO specifically, but failed to go to USADA and make it official. One gander at Israel Adesanya’s rhetoric and one can conclude that the new interim middleweight champion would not leave such gray areas in what would surely be hard snitching.

What are your thoughts on Israel Adesanya’s warning to steroid abusers?

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