Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Jason Parillo Says He’ll Back B.J. Penn If He Keeps Fighting

B.J. Penn set a UFC record with his seventh straight loss when Clay Guida beat him by decision. Although he is in the UFC Hall of Fame, many believe he is tarnishing his legacy by continuing to fight. However, one person who will back Penn is his boxing coach, Jason Parillo.

“B.J. Penn is a fighter’s fighter. He’s going to try and fight for the rest of his life until he can’t no more,” Parillo said to The Schmo (h/t Sherdog). Until the completely take it away from him. I’ve been told the UFC isn’t going to give him a fight.”

“You say it time and time again now, this is good, it’s a good way to finish off, let’s ride off into the sunset, it continues to happen. I get asked that question as well, please tell B.J. Penn not to fight again,” he continued. “One, B.J.’s last fight, you see some of these guys they’re getting knocked the f*** out, they’re getting knocked out. You know, B.J. Penn’s not getting knocked out.”

Part of the reason why Parillo will continue to back him is the fact that he isn’t getting knocked out. Rather, it is just a cardio issue.

“He’s gassing out … That’s exactly what it is, he’s f*****g gassing out. It drives me bats**t crazy because, you know, a guy loses gas. I don’t care how talented he is, I don’t care what he knows, I don’t care what you’re telling him technically in between rounds, or technically anywhere, when a guy doesn’t have a gas tank, you know, you’re dead.”

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