Saturday, July 2, 2022

Jessica Eye Feels She’s ‘Annoyed’ Valentina Shevchenko Ahead Of UFC 238

Jessica Eye believes she’s poking the bear with Valentina Shevchenko.

On June 8, Eye will challenge Shevchenko for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s flyweight title. The 125-pound title bout will headline UFC 238 inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. It’ll be Shevchenko’s first title defense.

Eye Speaks On Goading Shevchenko

Speaking to reporters during a media scrum, Eye admitted she felt she is getting under Shevchenko’s skin with accusations of doctoring training footage (via

“I feel like I have annoyed her so much, but most things are going to be taken out of context. I could say that’s stupid and the way you put the image out there, they’re going to be like, ‘She is such a terrible person. She’s a bully. She picks on people.’ I don’t know if she really sped up the video. It looks sped up, not going to lie. I know that other people have done it. Maybe they haven’t. But by saying it, it annoyed a bunch of people and got things going.

“The cars were going super fast, and I know other people have done that. And I don’t blame her. Why not? Why not throw a little bit of mental tactics in there. What do you think I did to say something to her? Me and her aren’t being rude to each other. But there needs to be some kind of poking of the bear here. Two people are about to fight.”

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