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Jim Ross Talks Impact Ronda Rousey & Brock Lesnar Had On UFC

WWE Hall of Famer and current commentator and senior adviser for AEW, Jim Ross, has given his take on the legacies of Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar.

Rousey and Lesnar are WWE stars today, but they once ruled the roost of their divisions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Rousey was the inaugural women’s bantamweight queen and has been credited with the introduction of women in the UFC. For a time, Lesnar was the UFC heavyweight champion and a top draw for the promotion.

Ross Sounds Off On Rousey & Lesnar’s UFC Legacies

Ross appeared on MMA Junkie Radio. On the show, he compared the legacies of Rousey and Lesnar in the UFC:

“Ronda ignited an entire division. She put a lot of women on her in that wagon and pulled it. … Ronda brought the attention that (WWE’s female superstars) needed to get them noticed so we could see how great they were. So I believe Ronda pulled the wagon on that entire female division and created an entire division and created an environment to where we want to see more of that led by her. All of sudden we get to WrestleMania this year, and three women close the show – unheard of.

“What Lesnar brought to MMA was headlines, pay-per-view buy rates, but did he contribute to the legacy of the heavyweight division? Is he going to be known as one of the great heavyweights of all time? Is he going to be a UFC Hall of Famer? I don’t know the answer to those things, but they’re still up in the air somewhat.”

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