Wednesday, June 29, 2022

José Aldo Aldo Doubtful He’ll Compete in 2020

The last time José Aldo fought twice in a year was in 2017. That year saw Aldo lose twice to Max Holloway, the first time dropping the featherweight championship at UFC 212, then losing the rematch six months later at UFC 218. 2019, José Aldo plans on being much more active.

Aldo has kicked off the year with a great start by defeating Renato Moicano by TKO in February to earn his second straight win, and this Saturday he will look to win his second fight of the year when he takes on Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 237. If all goes according to plan, Aldo will continue remain active this year, but next year is a different story:

“It will all depend on this year,” Aldo told MMA Junkie in Portuguese. “I think I’m giving it my all this year so I can get the new title shot and who knows. I don’t know about 2020, because I want to take one year to not do anything. Like a sabbatical, so I can just enjoy life a bit and maybe return. So I don’t know about 2020, but 2021 it could be.”

For 2019, it’s All-in Aldo, whose motivation remains as any of the previous years he spent building his name as arguably the greatest featherweight of all time:

“It’s the same motivation,” Aldo said. “Every fight, for me, is the most important of all. Not necessarily because of the person I’m fighting, but because of my name, because of who I am and of my career. I always give it my all in training, regardless of who I’m fighting, whether it’s a quote-unquote easy fight or a difficult one. It doesn’t matter. My motivation is always high.

“Every time I’m in there, and the José Aldo name is in there, I have to fight the best way possible. To be in my best shape, and my technique. I don’t look at my opponent as much, but I look at myself and the responsibility I carry.

If José Aldo defeats Alexander Volkanovski, whom do you believe he should fight next?

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