Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kevin Lee Feels UFC 165-Pound Division Is Inevitable

Kevin Lee believes a 165-pound division will eventually be implemented in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Lee is scheduled to collide with Rafael dos Anjos tomorrow night (May 18) in the main event of UFC Rochester. The bout will be contested in the welterweight division. Lee reportedly suggested that he and dos Anjos weigh in at 165 pounds in an effort to push for a new weight class, but the former lightweight champion declined.

Kevin Lee Optimistic About 165-Pound Division

Speaking to, “The Motown Phenom” explained why he believes a 165-pound division will eventually make its way to the UFC:

“I think it is inevitable. I think everyone looks at it the same way. There is no sense it doesn’t happen as there is so much talent at both these divisions at 155 and 170. It is only a matter of time. I was one of the first to bark about it. Now other people are letting their voices be known and step up and do some of the talking to. It is inevitable.”

In the past, UFC president Dana White has said the 165-pound weight class will never be a part of the promotion as long as he’s around. White has changed his tone over numerous subjects during his time as the UFC boss. Time will tell if he’ll have a change of heart when it comes to a 165-pound division.

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