Saturday, July 2, 2022

Paulie Malignaggi Annoyed by Training for Artem Lobov

Paulie Malignaggi is currently scheduled to fight Artem Lobov this summer for Bare Knuckle FC on June 22 at a venue to be announced, and like any fighter who is aware of an upcoming fight, Malignaggi is currently in training camp. But the term “training camp,” is one that Paulie Malignaggi would admit is being used loosely when describing his preparation for Artem Lobov. So loosely that in a recent interview, Malignaggi expressed contempt at his trainer for insisting that he train for Artem Lobov on that particular day:

“I’m in a bad mood,” Malignaggi confessed to The Schmo during the interview. “My trainer made me train today at a time when Liverpool is playing Barcelona in the second leg. So I’m pissed that I had to miss that game because I was gonna go back over there and watch the game. “

Malignaggi would then arrive at the idea to urinate on a nearby mural of Conor McGregor to relieve himself of this anger. But on days when Malignaggi is not venting about training or planning on urinating on a representation of his nemesis, the camp has been a breath of fresh air for him:

“This is not a really difficult camp,” Malignaggi confessed. “We’ve been having fun. It’s almost been like a vacation with some workouts.

“We’ve just been kicking it, having some FIFA tournaments, watching Netflix, going out. I do have to step my FIFA game up, I gotta be honest with you.”

The Malignaggi camp have been keeping busy being leisurely, but when they do train, it’s enough to reassure the boxer that he will brutalize Artem Lobov when the two face off, as he has been vowing he would:

“It’s been really fun,” Malignaggi reiterated about the camp. “It hasn’t been like a stressful camp, where some of these other camps can be that way. You’re thinking about, everything has to be perfection. I think it’s pretty simple. There’s a pretty simple method to do this. There’s a pretty simple method to win. And every day that I train, I just feel more and more confident.

“We got some plans for you, Artem Lobov,” Malignaggi said with a glint in his eye. “You are gonna get your ass kicked! Kicked next month! Trust me. I’m gonna beat the shit out of you,” Malignaggi assured.

What’s your take on Camp Malignaggi ahead of Paulie’s bare-knuckle fight against Artem Lobov?

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