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Paulie Malignaggi Blasts ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ MMA Community

Paulie Malignaggi had a lot to say during and after the BKFC 6 press conference.

Malignaggi is set to take on Artem Lobov on June 22. The grudge match will headline BKFC 6. Things got heated between Malignaggi and Lobov at the presser. Malignaggi said he’s prepared to put Lobov in a coma. The two nearly came to blows during the staredown.

Paulie Malignaggi Rips MMA Community

During a media scrum following the BKFC 6 press conference, Malignaggi followed up on his “coma” comments and blasted the mixed martial arts community (via

“At days’ end, the reason for me to say ‘Put him in a coma’ or ‘kill him’ or whatever, listen, you don’t ever want [to] wish bad things on anybody, but honestly, would I feel bad if he wound up there? No, I wouldn’t feel bad because he disrespected all of the families and all of the people that I’ve known personally who have gone through this.

“When your piece of sht community and your piece of sht people talk about ‘we fight with pads on and now you’re in a dangerous sport like MMA,’ when nothing of the sort happens to you which is why you have a circus of a fanbase because it’s like wrestling. At the end of the day, no matter what happens to you guys, [tapping] assures you you’re gonna see that guy next week. [Tapping] assure you you’re gonna see that guy in a few months. In boxing, you don’t have those assurances so there’s a respect level even to the trash talk that we have and it’s being surpassed now, it’s being overcome with this garbage that we have from this other community. For me, I think the way you solve it, seeing one of their own in a coma, seeing one of their own in a fcking coffin, then you say, ‘You know what, this sht is not a joke.’

“Fighters risk their lives, no matter what combat sport they’re in. You’re risking your life getting in there, bro. Your life can change in one night. But no other sport does it change like boxing. Boxing does it to everyone and boxing does it at all levels, from the lower level to the world-class level. . . So there’s a reason that I talk the way I talk around this piece of sht and around the piece of sht people that he has around him. Because there’s a respect that needs to be earned and there’s a respect that needs to be given. So maybe since they don’t understand and know how to give it, maybe him winding up in a f*cking coma will make the whole community understand. And hopefully he wakes up from that coma if I put him in it and even then he’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

Malignaggi had a sour experience sparring with Conor McGregor back in 2017. Images and a video were released of the session and Malignaggi believes he was set up to look bad ahead of McGregor’s boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. His beef trickled down to McGregor’s close friend and training partner Lobov.

What do you make of Paulie Malignaggi’s take on the MMA community?

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