Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Valentina Shevchenko Responds to Jessica Eye’s Accusation

The co-main event of UFC 238 will feature the first flyweight title defense of Valentina Shevchenko when she takes on Jessica Eye inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Valentina Shevchenko is usually very polite and respectful of her opponents, unless you get on her bad side. Nicco Montana experienced what life on that side is like and she branded Shevchenko a bully as a result. And now, Jessica Eye may be in the process of joining Montano there after accusing Shevchenko of doctoring training footage in order to make herself appear faster in a brief training video Shevchenko shared via her Instagram account:

“She sped up her video to make her sled look faster ??? dude I am dead right ? I didn’t know it’s a thing and people do that. Hilarious,” Eye tweted.

Shevchenko would initially say that it was Eye’s slow vision (no pun intended) that gave her this false impression that the video was sped up. And in a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, she explains why she decided to dignify Eye’s accusation with a response:

“It didn’t bother me like how people are trying to imagine, like it goes deep to your soul, like it bothers you too much,” Shevchenko told MMA Junkie Radio. “No, this doesn’t happen with me, because to make that happen it would have to be too much happening. I know how to control my emotions and how cool I have to be before the fight, to concentrate all my emotions on one thing, to explode during the fight. Of course, I felt that I had to tell her something, because if the person (makes up) stupid things, you have to respond. Even if they don’t make any sense, this is my point of view, and I shared it with everyone.”

After receiving more views, there has also been dispute on whether or not the speed of the vehicles in the background of Shevchenko’s video supports Eye’s accusation of doctoring. Through it all, though, Shevchenko has remained unfazed, and Eye does not appear to have even made it to Shevchenko’s bad side…yet:

“For me, it’s nothing. I even can say hello to her,” Shevchenko said. “For me, it doesn’t cost anything, because in the octagon we have to fight. Right now, I have to prepare for my fight. This is what I think about everything, all day long, to be the best version of me for my fight. I don’t spend too much energy on different things.”

Do you believe Valentina Shevchenko intentionally sped up her training video?

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