Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Artem Lobov: Paulie Will Make Nice Paycheck, I’ll Make Two Holes In His Head

Fan-favorite Artem Lobov is set to throw down with heated rival Paulie Malignaggi in the main event of this weekend’s (Sat., June 22, 2019) BKFC 6 from Tampa Bay, Florida.

The two outspoken competitors have made repeated headlines for their over-the-top smack talk in the lead-up to this match-up. Malignaggi recently predicted Lobov would be ‘faceless’ after the fight. Lobov suggested Malignaggi had no idea what was coming to him.

It’s become BKFC’s biggest-ever fight thus far as a result. Many have suggested Malignaggi is spouting off so much only to get a fight with former sparring partner and Lobov teammate Conor McGregor. His pre-fight banter may indeed confirm that is true.

He’ll have to get past Lobov in Tampa first, however, and ‘The Russian Hammer’ is ready. Speaking at today’s final BKFC 6 presser (via MMA Junkie), Lobov said he’s done talking. All that’s left is for him to prove what happens when you talk as much trash as Malignaggi has:

“Listen guys, the talk is over for me. I just wanna get this man in there on Saturday night and show the world what happens when you run your f**king mouth like he did.”

Talk Isn’t Over For Lobov

Yet while Lobov said the talk is over for him, it clearly was not. He laid into Malignaggi by suggesting the retired former boxing champ was ‘coming off a couch’ and only fighting because he needs the money. Lobov closed by saying his foe would pay quite a price to collect his currency:

“You know he’s coming off a couch, this guy is only here for the money. We all know it. This is, once again like I said, the sad truth of boxing. Could happen to any one of us. 1-5 boxer retires from brain damage and they’re all broke. This is just the sad truth of combat sports. Unfortunately, this happened to Paulie.

“So, unfortunately, he is here having to do that. But you know, what are you going to do? Saturday night, he’s going to make a nice paycheck, I’m going to make two holes in his head, and we’re gonna go home happy.”

Will Artem Lobov make Paulie Malignaggi pay for his words in Tampa?

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