Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ben Askren Thinks He Could Skip Colby Covington For UFC Title Shot

Ben Askren sees the possibility of taking Colby Covington‘s spot for the next Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title shot.

Askren will clash with Jorge Masvidal on July 6 at UFC 239. “Funky” is the fifth-ranked UFC welterweight, while Masvidal holds the fourth spot. Covington is set to receive the next shot at Kamaru Usman‘s 170-pound gold, but Askren believes he could skip the line with a victory over Masvidal.

Askren Explains Why He Could Skip The Line

Speaking to‘s Damon Martin, Askren said interest in Covington is dwindling:

“I think it is [possible]. I don’t think people are too into Colby’s schtick anymore. They realize it’s old, it’s washed up, it’s just not that exciting. The guy is doing one of these things where you sit out and wait for a title fight and that is something I will never, ever do.

“How long ago was Colby’s last fight? Last June? What is this mother—ker going to sit out for 16 months and expect to get a title shot? The only way to stay relevant in this sport is to stay in there and keep getting after it. So yeah, if I go beat up Jorge, I’m going to have a lot more momentum. And if ‘Marty’ (Kamaru Usman) wants to make some money, I’m sure ‘Marty’ has a pay-per-view clause in his contract, you’re damn sure that I’m going to sell a whole bunch more pay-per-views against him than Colby would.”

UFC president Dana White has said Covington will get the next welterweight title opportunity once Usman heals from his hernia surgery. “Chaos” has insisted that Usman should be stripped of the title if he isn’t ready by November.

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