Monday, October 3, 2022

BJ Penn Allegedly Attacks Strip Club Bouncer (Video)

BJ Penn has found himself in the headlines again after an alleged altercation outside of a Honolulu strip club was captured on video and released by TMZ Tuesday.

The TMZ report states that the fight was between BJ Penn and the bouncer of the club, which took place after the UFC Hall of Famer was escorted out of the club for behaving “very drunk.” It was during the escorting that Penn became physical with club staff. In the video, the man alleged to be BJ Penn can be seen on top of the staff member, predominantly in side control, and at one point shoving his forearm into the man’s throat.

Bystanders pleaded with BJ Penn to stop but to no avail. Police eventually reported to the scene, but no arrests were made and there currently is not a warrant out for Penn’s arrest. There is also not an investigation taking place at all according to the report, and the incident appears to be treated as a case of “boys will be boys.” Peep the video below:

Managing editor of, Chris Taylor, addressed the matter via Twitter Wednesday afternoon:

“For those asking me about the video allegedly showing BJ Penn wrestling with a bodyguard outside a strip club. I have no information about the incident. I am not in Hawaii currently. The one thing that I do know for sure is that BJ is actually away in Australia right now.”

“To be honest man I don’t even know if it’s new footage or actually BJ. I mean obviously it sure looks like it. But, Penn is in Australia at the moment. So I don’t know what the hell. I live in Canada, not next door to him, so unfortunately I don’t have the answers.”

BJ Penn last competed in last month’s UFC 237 against fellow UFC veteran Clay Guida and came up on the losing end. Penn was also in the headlines recently for domestic abuse allegations.

What are your thoughts on this alleged BJ Penn incident?

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