Friday, June 24, 2022

Cody Stamann Says UFC Doctors Made A Mistake & He Could Have Fought At UFC Greenville (Exclusive)

Cody Stamann and Rob Font were set to finally settle their differences at UFC Greenville. The two have gone back-and-forth with each other on social media. However, the fight will not take place, as it was reported Stamann was out of the fight due to injury and John Lineker will step in.

But, according to Cody Stamann, the UFC doctors made a mistake and he shouldn’t have been pulled from the fight.

“I was wrestling and I fell on my arm funny. Like my arm kind of slid out from me and jammed my shoulder. I knew something was wrong,” Stamann said to MMANews. “I got an MRI the next day and it basically says I have rotator cuff sprain, like a bad bone bruise, and a small fracture in my scapula. The rotator cuff injury was something I could fight with but with the fracture, they said no way I can’t fight.

“Tuesday I got the phone call from my manager and UFC doctors that I am out of this fight and there is nothing I can do,” he continued. “So, I saw a specialist and he looked over the MRI and he basically told me he didn’t see where the fracture was. He then suggested I get x-rays, so I get x-rays, and they concluded I didn’t have a fracture. It was just a sprain.

“They are going to give me the all clear soon. I know I could have got through it and still fought. UFC doctors thought he saw a fracture and they can’t let me fight through a fracture so they pulled me,” Stamann added. “In hindsight, I didn’t have a fracture, and I will be medically cleared before the fight happens. Too little too late. By the time I saw the specialist, Lineker had already stepped in. I don’t know, I could have fought. That is the worst part of the deal. I spent a month in Colorado, all the money I spent. I want to get in the Octagon as soon as possible.”

Now, the 29-year-old is hoping to get back into the Octagon sometime this summer. He would still like the Rob Font one day but isn’t going to wait around for that fight.

In the end, Cody Stamann says it sucks and is a disappointment of what happened. Regardless, he is ready to fight very soon.

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