Monday, October 3, 2022

Colby Covington Says Kamaru Usman Is Looking For Easier Matchups

Colby Covington isn’t letting up in his verbal shots towards Kamaru Usman.

Fight fans are anticipating the latest word on Usman’s next title defense. While Covington has been promised the next shot at Usman’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight gold, “The Nigerian Nightmare” is recovering from hernia surgery. Covington has insisted that Usman should be stripped of the welterweight title if he can’t compete by November.

Colby Covington Says Kamaru Usman Wants Easy Way Out caught up with Covington. “Chaos” said that he isn’t buying into Usman needing time to recover:

“The thing with him is, he’s trying to find a different injury each week. One week it’s his hernia, the next week it’s his leg, now he’s trying to say some other stuff. He’s literally the Woodley 2.0. He’s taking all of Woodley’s tricks.

Fake injuries, look for easier opponent, look for easier matchups. That’s kind of what he’s doing. He’s hoping another contender arises that he can fight because he knows if he fights me, it’s an automatic ‘L.’ He doesn’t want to lose everything he’s worked for against me. He knows I’m going to embarrass him and expose him in front of the world.”

Covington was last seen in action back in June 2018. He defeated Rafael dos Anjos to capture the interim welterweight title. Covington was stripped of the gold after having a disagreement with UFC officials, but those issues have been put to bed.

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