Monday, June 27, 2022

Dana White Says ‘Nobody Cared Whatsoever About Demetrious Johnson’

It appears the UFC‘s flyweight division is on its last legs. There are a couple of vacant spots on the official rankings signaling they do not even have 15 fighters in the division.

Part of the reason why the division was never popular according to UFC President, Dana White, is the fact that Demetrious Johnson was the champion. There, he dominated everyone the Las Vegas-based promotion put in front of him.

“I had a guy who was completely dominant, every time he fought he was exciting and always went for the finish, but people didn’t care,” White told’s Brett Okamoto. “Nobody cared whatsoever about Demetrious Johnson.”

Now, the UFC has Henry Cejudo as the flyweight champion as he will look to become a champ-champ in the main event of UFC 238. There, his antics and the way he has handled himself has made people hate him or like him. And, according to White that may be exactly what the flyweight division needs.

“Henry Cejudo might be the guy that people actually care about,” White said.

Ultimately, the future of the division is still up in the air and no one truly knows what the fate holds. Or, what is better for the division is if Cejudo wins or loses.

No matter what, Dana White believes they may be able to get a star our of Henry Cejudo which Demetrious Johnson never was.

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