Sunday, September 25, 2022

Desmond Green’s Attorney Releases Statement On DUI Manslaughter Charges

Earlier today, the MMA world was saddened to see UFC lightweight Desmond Green arrested on 20 charges including multiple counts of DUI manslaughter.

The arrest came following a traffic accident in August 2018 in Florida. The crash caused the death of 67-year-old Emelina Morfa and 76-year-old Emma Suarez Hernandez. Two others in the vehicle they were riding in, 65-year-old Mily Vita-Vega and 58-year-old Teresa Jaramillo, were seriously hurt and required surgery.

It’s a saddening set of circumstances for Green. He is accused of serious drug-related charges in addition to the DUI involving death counts. But his attorney says he’s not guilty of the charges.

Speaking to, Green’s attorney James Benjamin said the fighter was out on $194,000 bail. Green had pleaded not guilty and is requesting a jury trial.

Green’s Attorney Fires Back

Benjamin released a statement on Green’s charges:

“They’ve alleged that he caused the crash and was over the legal limit of alcohol at the time. We are going to contest that,” Benjamin said. “The testing that they did on his blood alcohol level wasn’t until hours after the crash and we don’t think it’s valid.

“He has been patiently awaiting the state attorney’s office to make a determination for almost a year. It’s a tragic situation where two people passed away and we’re just so sorry that happened but, quite frankly, we don’t think it is Desmond’s fault.”

It could be a tough sell to argue that to a jury, however. Essentially, Green’s defense will have to claim he got intoxicated after the accident took place and before he was tested. It could potentially work in that regard.

Green is, of course, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The amount of drugs they found in his truck after a crash involving the death of two women could prove an uphill battle in court.

Will Green’s attorney find him a way out of this mess?

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