Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dillon Danis Says Jon Jones Blocked Him on Social Media

Dillon Danis wants to fight everybody and recently said he would best UFC Light-heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones. The jiu-jitsu specialist is now 2-0 in MMA and feels his submission game is above anyone else’s in the current landscape of the sport. Yes, there is a huge difference in weight but Danis is fine with competing against heavier opponents since he has done so in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition before he moved into MMA.

Danis who spoke to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani after his win over Max Humphrey at Bellator 222 via first-round armbar said Jones has already blocked him on social media because he has pestered the UFC champ about the challenge. Helwani prompted the discussion by bringing up Jones saying Danis would never be a champion and that is what made Danis open up on how he thinks he would fair against Jones. Observing enough of Jones’s fights Danis said he would, “take his leg home” because of the stance he takes in his fights.

Jones does have long narrow limbs and considering the armbar over Humphrey’s and the toe hold over Kyle Walker at Bellator 198, cinching up a submission with Jones’ ectomorph body type could make for a hard to escape submission.

Danis said he faced opponents that were as heavy as 300 pounds so the “35-pound weight difference” Helwani asked him about is of no concern to Danis.  Danis fought at a catch weight of 175 pounds for his match with Humphrey. Most fighters walk around heavier than the weight they compete at but Danis would still be the smaller man against someone like Jones.

 “I’m a different kind of martial artist,” Danis added. “I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, training with anybody and anywhere.”

Do you think Danis is asking for trouble he could regret in MMA?

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