Monday, June 27, 2022

Donald Cerrone Admits Blowing Nose Was A Mistake

Donald Cerrone and Tony Ferguson engaged in a fantastic fight for 10 minutes. Then, as the third round was about to start, “Cowboy” blew his nose to try and get blood out of it. However, it immediately caused his swollen eye to shut completely, and the ref called the doctor in and he stopped the fight.

Looking back on the fight, Donald Cerrone admits he shouldn’t have blown his nose.

“That was the fight I think everybody wanted,” Cerrone said after the fight (h/t MMAJunkie). “I’m so sorry. I don’t quit. I don’t back down.

“Man, I just wanted to keep fighting. I was just asking, ‘Can you just push the air back down?’ You’re right, I shouldn’t have blown my nose. I’m a veteran, I’m old school, and I should’ve known that. But I did, and I humbly couldn’t finish the fight, and I apologize.”

Although Ferguson won the fight, UFC President, Dana White would like to see a rematch between the two. It was a super close fight with many scoring it 19-19 after two rounds. But, the late punch by Ferguson after the bell of the second round may have hindered it, but according to “Cowboy” that was not the case.

“I just asked if they could push the air back down,” Cerrone said. “That’s all I wanted. The punch had nothing to do with it.”

In the end, it was a great fight but Donald Cerrone wishes he never blew his nose to see what would have happened in the third round.

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