Sunday, October 2, 2022

Joe Rogan Discusses Sean O’Malley Being Removed From UFC 239 Due To Being Flagged By USADA

Sean O’Malley has been sidelined due to testing positive for Ostarine, and being suspended for six-months. But, USADA announced it was from a tainted supplement and the prospect did not take it on purpose.

But, ahead of his scheduled fight against Marlon Vera at UFC 239, it showed up again in his system. There, many believe it is due to ‘pulsing’ which was happening to Jon Jones. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will not let him fight and he was pulled from the card.

“He got a tainted supplement,” Rogan said (as transcribed by “These new tests that they have, they are so f**king extensive, they catch sh*t that you did years ago. If you took a tainted supplement with something that has zero performance benefit years ago it can still show up in your system. Whereas they used to have ‘oh, it will be out of your system in six weeks’.”

Joe Rogan admits there used to be a ton of cheating in the sport until USADA and Jeff Novitzky came around. But, he believes they need to figure out this ‘pulsing’ so it doesn’t happen to more fighters.

“There’s a lot of cheating in professional sports but less than there used to be in MMA thanks to USADA and Novitzky.”

As of right now, Sean O’Malley has not been suspended for this latest positive test and will meet with the NSAC soon to discuss this.

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