Friday, June 24, 2022

Joe Rogan Reacts To Anthony Joshua’s Loss To Andy Ruiz Jr.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan is a big fan of underdogs and shocking moments in combat sports.

Last night (June 1), one of those shocking moments occurred inside Madison Square Garden and it won’t soon be forgotten by boxing fans. Andy Ruiz Jr. was a heavy underdog going up against Anthony Joshua. Going into the fight, Joshua was the undefeated WBA Super, IBF, and IBO heavyweight champion. Ruiz Jr. shocked the world, stopping Joshua in the seventh round to become boxing’s first Mexican heavyweight champion.

Rogan Gives His Take On Ruiz Jr.’s Win Over Joshua

Rogan took to his Instagram account to react to last night’s stunning result:

“Nights like this are one of the many reasons why I love fights. Weird sh*t happens when people punch each other in the head. Most of the time when people ask me ‘who is going to win?’ I say, ‘I don’t know. That’s why we have to see them fight.’ I say that because I’m being honest. There are windows in time where you’re convinced you know the outcome. Where a king has lain waste to all who challenge his dominance, and you’re SURE he’s going to win a fight. Then, someone like [Andy Ruiz Jr.] comes along and flips the whole thing right on its f*cking head and shocks the world. I LOVE sh*t like that. Congrats to [Andy Ruiz Jr.] on an amazing victory.”

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