Wednesday, June 29, 2022

John Kavanagh Says He’d Roundhouse Kick Drake If He Walked Into His Gym

In all of sports, many believe the Drake curse is real. Sports teams have banned him from events or taking pictures with their players.

The so-called curse has gone on for years, and in combat sports, it could be legit. He walked out McGregor at his UFC 229 weigh-in, he had a lyric about Max Holloway in his song — who went on to lose to Dustin Poirier — and took a picture with Anthony Joshua, who was upset by Andy Ruiz Jr. on Saturday. Those are just a few examples of the ‘Drake Curse.’

Now, SBG Ireland coach, John Kavanagh is taking extra precaution saying if the rapper went in his gym he would be roundhouse kick.

“If drake ever tries to visit my gym he’s getting roundhouse,” Kavanagh wrote on Twitter.

Although Drake was around McGregor for UFC 229, the coach now says he has learned from that.

“Win or learn,” Kavanagh added.

Ultimately, there is no proof the Drake curse is real but Kavanagh isn’t taking any chances. He needs his fighters to do well and get wins, so banning Drake from his gym is what he has to do. Now, Drake knows he can’t be showing up to SBG Ireland unless he wants to pay the consequences.

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