Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jon Jones Fires Back At Matt Hamill’s Call For Rematch

Jon Jones has responded to Matt Hamill’s cries for a rematch in the UFC.

Earlier this week, news broke that Dana White was looking to get Jones’ 2009 DQ loss to Hamill overturned. Octagon commentator Joe Rogan echoed the sentiment and it suddenly had legs to run on. Hamill then caught wind of the story himself, posting a challenge for a rematch with Jones on Twitter:

“@joerogan@danawhite@JonnyBones to supports overturning Jon Jones DQ loss to me to a no contest? Well I’m not complaining about jones in the past what he used illegal substance when he fought me.12/6 elbow is illegal. Back to back wins. How about rematch?”

While that was an extremely unlikely possibility due to the fact the 42-year-old Hamill has been fighting in regional MMA shows, he didn’t let up. He kept the pressure on for a rematch with Jones on Instagram earlier today:

“Rematch? Lets make it happen. Hope he’s clean this time.”

Jon Jones Responds

Jones caught wind of the post. That’s when he finally responded on his own Instagram account, claiming he had never done anything but show Hamill respect:

“Honestly, I was just blindsided. He’s a fellow upstate New York guy. Over these years I’ve always given him mad love. Funny how people are. I’m not even mad at him though, I understand it’s his claim to fame. Just wish he would have went about this a different way. It’s whatever.”

‘Bones’ then clarified that he was not looking to rematch Hamill whatsoever:

“Let’s set the record straight, definitely not looking for a rematch.”

There was really never a real chance of this fight happening a second time. ‘Bones’ was dominating the first match-up when Hamill was much younger. Illegal strikes were the only thing stopping him from winning the bout easily. A second fight with Jones now in his prime would most likely go even worse.

Besides, Jones has a date with Thiago Santos in the main event of next weekend’s UFC 239. After that, there are several huge fights waiting for him like this and this.

Is Hamill just trying to remain relevant by calling out Jones online?

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