Sunday, October 2, 2022

Jon Jones Gives Advice To Young Fighters On Manager Pay

Jon Jones believes too many fighters are falling into a trap when it comes to management.

Jones is regarded as the pound-for-pound best fighter in mixed martial arts today. He’s number one on the UFC‘s list. “Bones” hasn’t suffered a loss since a controversial disqualification against Matt Hamill back in Dec. 2009. He’s scheduled to defend his UFC light heavyweight gold against Thiago Santos on July 6 at UFC 239.

Jon Jones Warns Fighters About Shady Managers

Jones took to his Instagram account with some advice to young fighters on how much to pay managers:

“In every sport the generations that come before teach the one on the way up the game. Fighting it’s a bit different because we are individuals in this business, but it shouldn’t stop us from reaching back to light the way. I started this thing young and had some great people help me along the way, plus having 2 brothers in the league helped me see a whole different side of things. I want to help those making their way through and I’ll start with this: No manager should ever be getting 20% of your money.

I hear about and see too many young fighters getting stuck in bad deals. Real talk a manager should make 10%, maybe 15 if they are really getting it done for you, but never should you be paying a manager more than you pay Uncle Sam. NEVER.

If all your manager does is sit in while you sign contracts then start looking for another. If they want 15% let that come on the endorsements they get you because THAT is where their focus should always be. Growing your brand.

The game has given me a lot and it’s my job to give back to it. I haven’t always had the easiest navigation but good people helped me along the way. Just trying to pay some of that Back is all. God Bless.”

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