Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Warns Ben Askren About Personal Space, ‘Funky’ Responds

Jorge Masvidal says he isn’t afraid to pull out the “three piece with a soda” once more.

Masvidal is scheduled to take on Ben Askren on July 6 at UFC 239. The bout will take place inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Gamebred” is the fourth-ranked UFC welterweight, while Askren is just behind him at the fifth spot.

Masvidal Has A Warning For Askren, ‘Funky’ Responds

Masvidal’s incident backstage at UFC London where he punched fellow UFC welterweight Leon Edwards is well documented. The American Top Team bruiser told BJ Penn Radio that Askren will suffer the same fate if he crosses the line:

“If Ben violates my personal space at any moment to where I feel a threat, yeah, it’s going to happen, the same thing that happened with Leon, if Leon’s across the room and I’m not doing an interview and he’s talking sh*t, well whatever man, f*ck it.”

“You’re at a safe distance, but it’s just, people have to understand it’s built into me to go into defense mode if somebody violates my personal space. I don’t know, as well as I can read body language, I really don’t know what somebody’s intentions are. I don’t know if he’s going to come over and be like, ‘boom roasted’ or some corny ass sh*t like that or if he’s going to try to double flip me.”

Never one to hold his tongue, Askren had a response:

“Don’t worry 15 minutes on July 6 will be more than enough time for me to take care of him.”

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