Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Justin Willis Lists Three Reasons Behind UFC Release

Justin Willis was offered to fight Walt Harris at UFC San Antonio next month, but due to his rejection of that fight, he was released by the UFC. Justin Willis has since proposed that he fight Tai Tuivasa in a loser-leave-UFC fight. And now Willis has come forward to provide all the reasons behind his UFC release, beginning with the aforementioned nemesis of Justin Willis: Tai Tuivasa (Transcript via Low Kick MMA):

“What happened was, I only wanted one fight,” Willis said in an appearance on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show.” And that fight was Tai Tuivasa. That’s one reason. Two reason is, I wanted to get my weight under control. I wanted to come in a lot more fitter, a lot more quicker, a lot more everything. That’s number two.”

“Number three, is, I wanted a chance to actually go through a camp with “DC” [Daniel Cormier]. He fights August 14. So, my date that they gave me, originally – hey, it’s not about the guys necessarily, it’s about more so of the dates. And the date was August, somewhere around where “DC” fights so I was actually able to go through a full camp with him as well.”

As specific as those reasons sound, Justin Willis concedes that he does not know for certain what the determinant factor was behind his UFC release nor does he know if he will be returning to the company:

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on right now,” Willis confessed. “That’s between them. My management, we have some stuff working out right now, and that’s between the UFC and my management, so I’m letting them take control of all that stuff.”

Would you like to see Justin Willis return to the UFC to fight Tai Tuivasa?

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