Wednesday, June 29, 2022

King Mo Explains Why He Retired From MMA

Yesterday, it was announced that Muhammed Lawal, aka King Mo, retired from MMA. The former Strikeforce champion would instead be focusing on coaching.

As soon as he retired, many wondered why now? But for him, he has been thinking about it for quite a while now.

“It’s been on my mind for a while,” King Mo said to MMAFighting. “I just put it in the back of my head. It was the pain from the injuries that was messing me up and my lack of range of motion from my hip and my knee. I’ve been fighting most of my career with no legs, a messed up knee or a messed up hip and after I had that hip surgery where they put titanium metal in my hip, it kind of made me think — I’m going to need a knee replacement, I’m going to need an elbow replacement, I’m going to need a hip replacement.

“I was like I’m getting old. I’m 38, I’ve got kids. I can’t even run right now. I can’t even jog really. I’m that bad. It’s to the point where if I can’t jog or sprint or be explosive, then I’ve got to stop.”

Although the veteran of the sport will no longer be competing, he will still be around the game. He will remain training at American Top Team and help coach. For him, that is something he is looking forward to doing.

“I’m going to be around the sport,” King Mo concluded. “I’m going to be in MMA, maybe dip into boxing and help some fighters out in boxing. Michael Hunter, I’m talking to him. He almost fought Anthony Joshua but Joshua picked Andrew Ruiz and we saw how that turned out for Anthony Joshua. Michael Hunter is right in the mix, I’ve known him since 2005 when he was an amateur. I’ve been helping him, I’ve been sparring with him. So when he comes down, I’m going to help him get ready.

“Coaching, giving back the information I’ve received from coaches in the past. It’s a great option.”

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