Sunday, September 25, 2022

Luke Rockhold Not Impressed By Anthony Smith’s Win Over Alexander Gustafsson

Anthony Smith picked up the biggest win of his career at UFC Stockholm. There, he silenced the Swedish crowd by submitting Alexander Gustafsson. Although it was a huge win for the American, Luke Rockhold was not impressed by it as he believes Gustafsson did not show up to fight.

“It looked like he retired before that fight started, a long time before,” Luke Rockhold told Submission Radio, speaking of Alexander Gustafsson (transcript via MMA Fighting). “So, I don’t know where his head’s at. His head wasn’t there, he had a family and he just found an easy exit in Stockholm and found a way out in the fight obviously.

“He had a great career, put up some amazing fights, pushed DC to a split decision and Jon Jones to a split decision. The guy made his mark. Good for him, good for him. But he didn’t come to fight that night, I’ll tell you that.

“My feelings have not changed whatsoever. Gus didn’t come to fight. Anybody who has any time for the sport could see that he didn’t do a damn thing in that fight and he found a way out when the opportunity presented itself. It was an easy exit for him. So, that’s that. Obviously, the guy can fight. He could fight, but he just doesn’t want it anymore.”

Anthony Smith and Luke Rockhold have gone back-and-forth with trash talk for months now with neither being impressed of each other’s work.

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