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UFC Fighter Macy Chiasson Avoids Disaster In Fatal Crane Collapse

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s bantamweight Macy Chiasson was able to escape danger in a deadly crane collapse.

This past Sunday (June 9), a thunderstorm caused a construction crane to give way. The crane collapsed through a Dallas apartment, killing one and injuring five. Chiasson lives in the apartment.

Chiasson Details Crane Collapse

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Chiasson talked about the accident and how she escaped:

“I had just been home for about 20 minutes. I entered the car garage, I parked my car. I went into my apartment and had my dog with me fortunately at the time. And I was only there for about 20 minutes when I heard, it almost sounded by a little bit of construction going on because my backyard is where all of the construction is going on right now. So I live about 100 feet away from where they’re building a new structure.

“I heard a little bit of something and I was like, ‘there’s no way that they’re doing construction right now on a Sunday.’ And all of a sudden when I said that to myself, I heard a loud boom. And I could hear whatever it was kind of falling through the ceiling floor by floor.”

Chiasson got to safety with her dog, but she said she lost everything in the crane collapse. Chiasson noted that others were running out of the building and some were covered in debris and blood. CBS Local brought word that Chiasson filed a lawsuit against the apartment owner and the company that operated the crane. The Bigge Crane Company has been cited by OSHA for safety violations 17 times in the last decade.

Chiasson is 3-0 under the UFC banner. She won the women’s featherweight tournament in season 28 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” In her last bout, Chiasson defeated Sarah Moras via TKO.

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