Sunday, September 25, 2022

Marlon Vera to Sean O’Malley: “It’s Your F**king Fault”

Marlon Vera and Sean O’Malley’s war of words continued to heat up earlier this week, this time with Marlon Vera appearing on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show to render his unfiltered thoughts on his would-be UFC 239 opponent Sean O’Malley after O’Malley was forced off of the card after traces of Ostarine was found in his system.

USADA believes that what appeared in the test were residuals from a past ingestion for which O’Malley was already disciplined for. Sean O’Malley has always maintained that the positive test result was due to a tainted supplement, which USADA backed in an April statement on the case, but Marlon Vera is not hearing anything of it, as you will soon discover in the following harsh message to O’Malley and all other positive-testers:

“Let’s be real. If you test positive, you fucked up,” Vera said bluntly. “Even if it was by accident or you took a supplement, there’s a phone number you can call. You can call to USADA and ask, ‘Hey, can you check this out?’ And they will tell you, look, that’s certificated. It’s all good. Or the ingredients look fine, but it’s not certificated. It’s easy.

“If you test positive, it’s your fuckin’ fault. You’re dumb. Go fuck yourself. You fucked up.”

To ensure that his message went directly to its intended target, he was sure to refer specifically to Sean O’Malley after making an analogy to drive his point home:

“If you’re driving and you kill somebody, it’s your fault. You go to jail,” Vera said. “So fuck him.”

There is currently no word yet on if Vera will remain on the UFC 239 card, nor is there an update on when Sean O’Malley will return to competition.

Do you believe Marlon Vera is being too harsh on Sean O’Malley?

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