Friday, September 30, 2022

Mike Perry Lobbies for Donald Cerrone Rematch

Mike Perry wants another shot at the Cowboy.

To be clear, he does not want a rematch against Alex Oliveira, whom Perry just defeated in his last outing via a unanimous decision. He wants a rematch against Donald Cerrone, who defeated Perry via one of the most buzzworthy submissions of 2018, armbarring Perry like a man possessed for the victory. Perry credits Cerrone for earning the victory that night, but he also believes that he has what it takes to generate a different outcome in the rematch:

“I’m not trying to be a sore loser over here, and I’m not gonna beg for a rematch. But I think I’m a capable athlete. And I think he got one over on me, where, in the right mindset that I feel these days, I can beat that guy,” Perry said in an interview with MMA Junkie Radio. “And I think I (have) earned that ability or responsibility to get that opportunity to go in the cage and Octagon and fight him again. And he would have to see a different Mike Perry.

The natural question for many may be to ask what is in it for Cerrone? After all, he is in a new division now within the top 10 and already beat Mike Perry. Mike Perry believes that Cerrone granting him a rematch would be consistent with the same Donald Cerrone fans have come to know over the years and could also benefit Cerrone should he decide to make a run at the 170 strap:

“And it’s Cowboy Cerrone. He’s always up to go again, cash another paycheck,” Perry said. “If he feels I’m too old and tired to continue to try and get a title win streak going and win for a title, then instead of giving up after all this time, then he could give me another shot. And if he beats me again, I believe that would boost him to the people, especially since he would have to come back up in size. Maybe he should try to win a title at 170.

“Because I’m gonna go on a run for the title. I could fight three Cowboys in a row, and he could be the first and a last, and we’ll see if he would want to fight me a third time after I beat him the second time.”

Do you believe Donald Cerrone should entertain the thought of rematching “Platinum” Mike Perry?

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