Monday, June 27, 2022

Quote: Ali Abdelaziz Is A Disappointment To The Fans

Tony Ferguson returns to the Octagon this Saturday after last fighting at UFC 229. Since then, “El Cucuy” has been dealing with some personal issues but also took time to blast manager, Ali Abdelaziz on Twitter. The two went on a Twitter war, and now speaking at a pre-fight media scrum, Ferguson took the opportunity to take another shot at the manager.

“That’s a Twitter warrior,” Ferguson said of Abdelaziz (audio transcribed by “I get it. I have gif wars, he wants to go gif wars I’ll destroy him all day. But I mean it’s as easy and plain and simple as this, he’s not a fighter, he’s a manager.”

Not only does Tony Ferguson not understand why Ali Abdelaziz always tries to beef fighters on social media, but he says the manager is also a disappointment to the fans.

“He’s a disappointment to the fans, to my fans, and to the real fans, to the hardcore—I call my fans the hardcore base, that’s the crew,” Ferguson said. “So you hear all those guys saying, ‘champ sh*t only,’ that’s hardcore. Those are the real fans. Those guys pay the money for the pay-per-views. And the guys like Ali, those are guys that f*cking stream that sh*t.”

Ultimately, Tony Ferguson and Ali Abdelaziz have had problems with each other for quite a long time. And, it appears it isn’t slowing down.

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