Sunday, September 25, 2022

Rafael Lovato Jr. Expects To Finish Gegard Mousasi

In the main event of Bellator London, Gegard Mousasi is putting his middleweight title on the line. He is taking on jiu-jitsu ace, and undefeated MMA fighter, Rafael Lovato Jr.

Although Mousasi is a big favorite on the card, Lovato Jr. is confident in his skills to win the fight. And, he believes he finishes Mousasi.

“I think just being my best is going to be enough. Just mix everything up well,” Lovato Jr. told “He is very complete, and I feel like I have an area where I can have the advantage and keep things close. Just not do anything stupid and capitalize on his mistakes. I don’t have a lot of fights, but I do have experience in competition. It will help me a lot and keep me calm. I see myself getting the finish, 100 percent.”

How he will do it is simple. Lovato Jr. says he knows he has to get the fight down to the ground and submit Mousasi. The champion has been submitted before, and most of his fights do get to the ground.

“I would be silly if I said I want to keep the fight on the feet the whole time and just have a kickboxing match. The point is to mix it all up the best I can,” he said. “For sure, at some point, I’ll be looking for the takedown. He may try to take me down. On the ground is where I will have the biggest advantage. I’d be stupid to not take advantage of that.”

In the end, Lovato Jr. is confident he leaves London with the belt and remains undefeated.

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