Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Renato Moicano Expects Fight of the Night vs. Korean Zombie

Renato Moicano will be headlining UFC Greenville this weekend when he takes on Chan Sung Jung, better known as The Korean Zombie in a featherweight duel. Heading into the fight, Moicano (#5) believes that a fight against the #12-ranked Zombie does little for him in terms of repositioning himself for a title shot, but he does still feel that a win could boost his profile among fans due to Zombie’s persona and fighting style (Translation via Bloody Elbow):

“He’s a tough guy. He’s not well ranked because he didn’t fight so much for the past three years, but he’s tough,” Moicano told Combate of Zombie. I always ask the UFC for the best fighters, and I think he will help me get more recognition. Everyone knows ‘The Korean Zombie.’ He has this cool nickname, he has this aggressive style, and this fight is a candidate for fight of the night. Even fight of the year. That’s what I want. I want to put on a show.”

That is a far cry from Renato Moicano’s mindset heading into his last bout against featherweight legend Jose Aldo, a bout that Moicano saw as his ticket to a title shot. Heading into his fight against another veteran and Sung Jung this weekend, Moicano will bring with him the lessons he learned from February’s Jose Aldo fight:

“You keep imagining these big champions. They’re huge!” Moicano said. But they’re people like us. So I started to fight him, I moved, I watched him move. I watched him react to my strikes, and I thought to myself ‘Damn, this guy is a guy just like me’. That made me lose focus a little bit. That fight taught me that, once you get in there, you have to go all the way without thinking. That’s the key. You must be focused. You must always respect your opponent, but you can’t get involved in the fight. I think that’s what I learned.”

Do you think Renato Moicano vs. The Korean Zombie will win Fight of the Night?

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