Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ricardo Lamas Covets Two Possessions of Max Holloway

Ricardo Lamas will be competing tonight against Calvin Kattar tonight at UFC 238 and there is one thing Lamas would like to make very clear ahead of that contest: he is not here to play gatekeeper (Transcript via MMA Fighting):

“The belt is still out there on the bucket list,” Lamas said. “What I’ve accomplished so far is being one of the top in my division, being one of the best fighters in the world in the featherweight division.

Ranked #10 in the featherweight division but now 37 years of age, Ricardo Lamas knows that his goal of being world champion is in reach, but he also knows that time is of the essence:

“It kind of goes in cycles,” Lamas said. “It happens in every sport and the veterans slowly start to get weeded out and then the new up-and-comers come and take over. This is no different than any other sport and athletics.

“Father Time is the one opponent that we cannot beat and eventually he catches up to all of us.”

As long as Lamas is still competing, though, he is coming for the world championship and he also eyes another possession current held by reigning champion Max Holloway, the record for most finishes in the featherweight division:

“I go out there and I finish fights. I have the second-most finishes in the featherweight division, only trailing the champ by a couple and I’m nipping at his heels.”

Ricardo Lamas will continue his pursuit for both championship gold and that featherweight finish record tonight when he takes on Calvin Kattar.

 “Young up-and-comer against a crafty veteran, it’s a safe assessment,” Lamas said. “And I’m fine playing that role. I have a little secret, I’m Latino, so we age like a fine wine and I feel younger as I get older through the years and just look better every year. I’m ready for it.”

Who do you think will win tonight’s bout between Ricardo Lamas and Calvin Kattar?

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