Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sterling: Munhoz’s Emotional Reactions Proves He’s a Cheater

Aljamain Sterling continues to double down on his characterization of UFC 238 opponent Pedro Munhoz as a cheater, and he believes he has proof that goes beyond a test result.

In 2014, Pedro Munhoz failed a drug test for elevated levels of testosterone, thereby reversing his first-round knockout victory over Jerrod Sanders to a no contest. Aljamain Sterling has not forgotten these results and was sure to go out of his way to remind USADA to do their due diligence in regards to testing Munhoz ahead of UFC 238. Munhoz didn’t take kindly to Sterling’s comments in that tweet and elsewhere about his past and responded with an expletive-laden retort, with quite a few strong terms used to describe Sterling, with “Funkmaster” not being among them. And that response is all the proof Sterling needs that Munhoz is the cheater he claimed him to be:

“Something must’ve stung. Something I said must’ve stung,” Sterling told Bloody Elbow. “If it wasn’t true, if it doesn’t apply let it fly. Clearly, there is some sort of backlash if he needs to be so emotional about it. I welcome Pedro to come out and fight me emotionally. I learned my lesson fighting like that and maybe he’ll end up learning his lesson as well. I accept to fight the best Pedro on June 8 and I plan on showing him why he’s not in my league.”

Sterling would not have even mentioned Munhoz’s past test failure had he not been reminded of it by a fan. Once the incident re-registered in his brain, Sterling did not hold back. What’s more, he believes that the entire Black House gym is suspect:

“Whatever happened with that drug test?” Sterling asked. “There was no result that was confirmed in whether he was innocent or guilty. As far as I’m concerned, the commission is right, and he’s guilty. I think that year alone they had four guys pop [for] very similar things. I think it was Anderson Silva, him, Kevin Casey and somebody else. They were all under the same banner, you know, the same team. That Black House crew. Where there is smoke, there’s fire. If he’s clean now that is completely up to him. It’s his preference if he likes putting needles up his butt.”

Do you believe Aljamain Sterling’s comments on Pedro Munhoz are warranted?

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