Sunday, June 26, 2022

Suarez Willing to Relinquish Title Shot to Rose Namajunas

Undefeated strawweight Tatiana Suarez is knocking on the door for a world title shot and a victory over Nina Ansaroff this Saturday at UFC 238 will likely be enough to bust that door wide open. But Tatiana Suarez is willing to wait on the outside a little longer if it means Rose Namajunas being granted a rematch at the strawweight championship she lost to Jessica Andrade at UFC 237:

“If she wants that rematch, I think she deserves it,” Suarez told MMA Junkie Wednesday. “I’ll wait. I don’t mind. I’ll fight whoever. I’ve never turned down any of the fights they’ve given to me.”

Rose Namajunas got off to a spectacular start in her fight against Jessica Andrade, with a lopsided first round in her favor. In the second round, Jessica Andrade was able to complete a devastating slam on Rose Namajunas, who attempted to defend the takedown with a kimura attempt, only to be dropped on her head in a fashion that some have argued should be banned from the sport. Namajunas has since said that she will look to take some time off, with the former champion not even sure if she will ever return. For that reason, Tatiana Suarez feels that her potential magnanimous gesture would be for naught if Rose Namajunas is not all in:

“I think she’s an amazing fighter,” Suarez said of Namajunas. “I love watching Rose fight. She’s truly a great mixed martial artist, and I hope she does stay, because I think she’s a really amazing fighter. But if her heart’s not in it, we won’t see the same Rose Namajunas.”

Whom do you believe should be next for Jessica Andrade? Rose Namajunas in a rematch or the winner of Tatiana Suarez/Nina Ansaroff?

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