Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tai Tuivasa Proposed $100,000 Street Fight to Justin Willis

The Tai Tuivasa/Justin Willis beef is the gift that keeps on giving and it continues to be hotter than ever now despite the fact that one half of the feud is no longer on the UFC roster. And we’ve heard the two trash one another for quite a while, especially from the Tuivasa end. The Australian has been dragging Willis’s name through the mud since last year, but what you don’t know is that Tuivasa did not limit his talk to the microphone. He saved his most explosive material for Justin Willis directly. And to this day, possibly no one was aware of these direct messages to Justin Willis, even Willis himself:

“Man, he’s a disrespectful piece of shit,” Tuivasa said in a recent appearance on Submission Radio. “He put his hand on someone in the background and thought that I wasn’t gonna notice. That’s all good. Like I said, I’ve been DMing him for a year, and he hasn’t seen one. Not one. And I’m doing my talking, and I try to do it in private with him.

“I’ve been DMing him for a whole year now, and he won’t look at it. He don’t even look at it. He doesn’t even give me the ‘seen.'”

According to Tuivasa, the content of the direct messages went beyond insults or even proposals to fight inside the Octagon. At least one of the message contained a proposal for an unsanctioned resolution to their differences:

“Let’s meet up,” Tuivasa revealed to be the content of his message. “Let’s be men.  We do this. Meet up and bring a bag as well. I’ll bring a bag, we both get paid. Whatever.

“Yeah, I told him. I said, yeah, I’ll meet up. You bring your money, and then no cameras, and we’ll see whatever.”

Tuivasa claims he even put a specific number behind the proposal in a sum that, if seen, would grab just about anybody’s attention:

“I said $100,000. Let’s make it appealing, at least. But I didn’t even get a ‘seen’” Tuivasa said with a laugh.

Tuivasa did not clarify whether or not that offer is still stands, but he does know that he will not be used by Justin Willis to gain re-entry into the UFC:

“Look, at the moment, he’s just begging for a job,” Tuivasa said. “I’m not the UFC. He’s just trying to use my name to get a job. What a bum. That’s called a bum. His dad would be embarrassed. He should be embarrassed.”

What do you make of Tuivasa’s past $100,000 street fight challenge to Justin Willis?

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