Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tatiana Suarez: I Don’t Need to Know a Champion to Be A Champion

The featured preliminary bout for UFC 238 will see undefeated juggernaut Tatiana Suarez take on Nina Ansaroff in a contest that is widely expected to bear the next woman in line to challenge for the strawweight championship. Suarez will be putting her perfect 7-0 record on the line and based on the monstrous odds in her favor, the gambling community is expecting her undefeated record to remain in tact at the close of Saturday’s pay per view. But those expectations are not stopping Suarez from doing her due diligence on her opponent this Saturday (Transcript via MMA Junkie):

“I think she has good range and good attacks – I think she’s a very technical opponent and I look forward to being in the cage with her,” Suarez said at a media lunch in Los Angeles ahead of Saturday’s fight.

We can conclude from these comments that Tatiana Suarez is aware of what Nina Ansaroff brings to the table, but she also feels that her own skill set will be too much for Ansaroff to manage:

“My skill really speaks for itself,” Suarez said. “It’s not really the power or anything like that. I wouldn’t say I have more strength than whoever – it’s just my skill level. I’ve been wrestling since I was 3 years old, so I hope I can pull something out that’s really great.”

Come Saturday night, Tatiana Suarez expects to find herself one stop closer to champion status, and there is one current champion who will do what she can to stand in her way, that being fiancée and training partner of Nina Ansaroff, Amanda Nunes. Tatiana Suarez does not need to have such backing to be confident ahead of UFC 238 :

“I remember talking about this not too long ago, and they were saying, ‘Do you think she has an advantage training with the champion?’” Suarez said. “And was like, ‘Ya know what? I think when you’re around success, you learn the tools for success. But I’ve been around successful people and champions my entire life. I’ve developed these tools over time. I don’t need a current champion to know what a champion needs to do to be a champion.”

Do you believe Amanda Nunes will give Nina Ansaroff any edge going into her UFC 238 bout against Tatiana Suarez?

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