Monday, October 3, 2022

Tyron Woodley Runs Into Henry Cejudo After Criticisms

While Henry Cejudo was still fresh off the high of his UFC 238 victory over Marlon Moraes to become the new undisputed UFC bantamweight champion, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley used his platform on The Hollywood Beatdown to try bringing “Triple C” back down to Earth. Woodley was complimentary of Cejudo’s competitive athletes as an Olympic gold medalist and a two-division UFC champion, but he also felt that he could do without all the “annoying” supplemental material, such as bringing props to faceoffs and all the cringey microphone work. Coincidentally, Woodley ran into Cejudo following these comments and, in his own words, Woodley was sure to “keep the same energy”:

 “I said, ‘You know I had to give you some shit, man. I said you need to sit down somewhere…’ He said, ‘No, man, you gotta get on board.’ So it was funny,” Woodley recalled in the latest installment of The Hollywood Beatdown before reiterating the same comments made a week ago:

“He know I was just kidding, but at the end of the day, he a beast. He smashed Moraes; smashed Dillashaw, even though he was taking some additional supplements; two different belts and a gold medal: savage. But the extra stuff? You still gotta sit down.”

Henry Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist and a man bad enough to take down not one but two UFC championships. Cejudo is even potentially eyeing another championship at 145. So clearly, Cejudo does not discriminate on whom he challenges to a battle of fisticuffs. That said, what would happen if the next time Tyron Woodley doles out criticisms to Cejudo, “Triple C” takes exception and decides to settle it in a streetfight? Woodley was posed this very question, and the former welterweight champion managed to stifle his laughter long enough to offer the following response:

“That would be one of the worst mistakes he ever made.”

If you were Henry Cejudo, would you take Tyron Woodley’s advice and change your persona?

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