Sunday, October 2, 2022

Adesanya to Whittaker: Neither Jon Jones Nor ISIS Can Save You

It’s safe to say that Israel Adesanya is unconcerned about whom Robert Whittaker is training with ahead of UFC 243.

Robert Whittaker and Jon Jones flirted with the idea of training together ahead of Whittaker’s UFC 243 middleweight title defense against Israel Adesanya. Whittaker recently revealed that the two have yet to come together for training due to the distance between the two. Apparently, this update did not get back to Adesanya, who assured Whittaker that there is no person or syndicate that can prevent him from suffering defeat this October (Transcript via The MacLife):

“Get fucking ISIS. Bring whoever has to help you get ready for this fight, ‘cos they can’t save you,” Adesanya told Submission Radio. “No one can save you. For me, it’s just the people who got me to the dance. … The same people who’ve always helped get me ready, get me ready. If I have to bring one new [person in], I bring in someone we can actually use, that we can actually get better with.

“If he thinks Jon Jones is gonna help him, look at Jon Jones’ striking,” Adesanya continued. “Are you.. don’t even insult me. Come on, man. Wrestling, yes. Get Jon Jones to help you with your wrestling. Fucking Rob, shoot on me. Please, no one’s got me down and kept me down. You’ve done it to [Yoel] Romero, you might be the one. I advise you to shoot on me. Try keep me down. If not, strike with me, do your little one-one-two and then throw your right high kick. Do your little oblique kick. Fucking hell. What else? He’s good with a left hook, that’s one thing no one ever.. fuck it, no one ever makes him check the left hook.”

According to Adesanya, even if Whittaker knew exactly what to expect come October 6, the outcome would still be the same:

“I’ll give him the blueprint and I’ll still whoop his ass,” Adesanya said. “No one makes him respect the left hook like that. No one ever makes him hesitate with the left hook. Fucking hell. I advise him to shoot, I won’t Jorge Masvidal him, but I advise him to shoot and wrestlefuck me. Come.”

Do you believe Israel Adesanya is overconfident ahead of his title fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC 243?

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