Friday, September 30, 2022

Anthony Johnson Would Entertain UFC Return ‘if The Price is Right’

Anthony Johnson continues to tease a potential UFC return

Former UFC title contender Anthony Johnson continues to tease a potential UFC return and did so yet again after a recent grappling contest. 

Johnson was back in action as he took on Australian submission star Craig Jones in the main event of Submission Underground 9 in Portland, Ore on Sunday night that aired on UFC Fight Pass. 

In the fight, Johnson tapped out after 47 seconds. Despite the loss, Johnson made it known that he enjoyed the competition. 

Anthony Johnson Would Entertain UFC Return

While he felt outside of his comfort zone, that doesn’t mean that he would go back to the world of MMA where he can strike, which is what he’s known for. His answer on a potential MMA return was short and to the point. 

If he does comeback then it would likely be at heavyweight as he weighed in at 278.4 pounds for Sunday’s event. Johnson announced his retirement following his loss to Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 210. 

“This was just fun for me, man. I like competition – win, lose or draw. I still go out there and try my best. Sorry for not being able to perform, knocking somebody out, you know. Grappling, of course, isn’t my forte, but I’m not afraid to do it. Just in a fight I’m an entertainer – people want to see me knocking people out. On the ground, I get bored, but I would never get bored against a competitor like Craig Jones.”

“If the price is right, the price is right,” Johnson said (H/T to MMA Junkie).

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