Monday, October 3, 2022

Bisping: Jones/Cormier III Would Do “Well Over” A Million Buys

With Jon Jones back into a normalized fight rotation, he has begun cutting into the list of potential challengers at 205.  One of the names that has been floated around as a potential opponent forhim is Dominick Reyes, but not everybody would find that to be an intriguing pairing, including one Michael Bisping:

“Does anybody care about Jones and Dominick Reyes?” Bisping asked on his Believe You Me Podcast. “Nobody’s clamoring to see that fight. People are not going online saying, “Oh, we gotta see Jones vs. Reyes. Is he next in line or one of? Definitely. Yeah. But the fight that everyone wants to see, that I want to see….is Jones vs. DC III at heavyweight, no picograms, no steroids, two of the best going at it mano y mano. “

Michael Bisping will be relieved to discover that Dominick Reyes is already reported to be facing Chris Weidman for his next fight, not Jon Jones. Thus, the fight that Bisping believes would shatter numbers previously set by the two light heavyweights could, in theory, become a reality at years end. Michael Bisping went on to argue why the fight would be such a success for the promotion:

“DC also went up to heavyweight and fought tremendous,” Bisping said.  “He knocked out Stipe in one round, beat Derrick Lewis in, I think it was one round. It might have been the second. I’m not sure, but he took him down and tapped him out pretty easily. So DC’s looked incredible at heavyweight. Plus, he was the heavyweight Strikeforce champion back in the day, so he’s undefeated at heavyweight. Yeah, let’s see that at heavyweight. That’s the fight everybody wants to see.

“But the biggest fight that everyone could see, that would do well over a million pay per view buys…well over…and if they make the right offer, yeah, that’s a huge fight. Massive. One of the biggest fights the UFC could put on right now. So I, for one, I would love to see that.”

Do you agree with Michael Bisping? Would a fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones pull “well over a million pay per view buys?”

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