Friday, September 30, 2022

Bisping Makes Case for Overturning Jon Jones’s Loss

A major topic of discussion this past week was Jon Jones potentially soon-to-be undefeated mixed martial arts record. As it stands, Jones has one fight in the loss column of his 26-fight MMA career and that came 10 years ago to Matt Hamill. Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping decided to weigh in on the topic on his Believe You Me Podcast and, as always, The Count spoke without a filter (Transcript via BJ

“Love the guy, don’t love the guy you gotta admire what he does inside the Octagon,” Michael Bisping said. “And technically undefeated, Dana White’s trying to have that disqualification loss to Matt Hamill overturned. I get it for marketing purposes. If I’m Dana White I want probably my best fighter to be labeled as undefeated. Because for those people that don’t know, Jones has a disqualification loss on his record to Matt Hamill in a fight that he was totally dominating. He was destroying Matt Hamill, he got carried away and he did a downward elbow.”

Bisping also believes that Hamill’s hearing disability may have played a factor in the disqualification ruling:

“He [Hamill] was already getting the absolute living daylights beat out of him,” Bisping said. “So of course Matt Hamill’s gonna respond, well hold on. I think the thing was they asked him and he never responded. Well the guy’s deaf. No wonder he never responded, he’s gotta read the lips. And I’m not trying to be funny or be a d*ck about it. The referee said ‘I was asking are you OK?’ And he never responded, well the guy is profoundly deaf.

“And I’m not trying to make fun of him as I say, it’s a real factor,” he continued. “And then he had the sh*t kicked out of him, he was covered in blood, there was no way he was gonna win that fight. So of course he was gonna say, ‘yeah I don’t feel good.’ So the referee disqualified Jones. So I kind of understand it from Dana’s perspective.”

What are your thoughts on Michael Bisping’s take on Jon Jones’s loss potentially being overturned?

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