Sunday, September 25, 2022

Brendan Schaub Believes Cris Cyborg Has Never Been Treated Right In UFC

Cris Cyborg is set to be a free agent after fighting out her UFC contract at UFC 240 where she beat Felicia Spencer by decision. The former UFC featherweight champion will be a highly sought after free agent.

Ahead of her free agency Cyborg has made a demand that she Dana White apologizes to her. And, Brendan Schaub agrees as he believes the former champ has never been treated right in the UFC.

“A lot of this hate for her despite her physical looks, her physical traits, would be because the narrative the UFC paints every time of her. Like Dana White goes, ‘she doesn’t want to fight Amanda Nunes,’ so then everyone jumps on that,” he said on Below the Belt podcast (h/t “Or he said she looks like Wanderlei Silva with braids, so Dana gives everybody the OK to sh*t on Cyborg. She’s never been treated right her entire career.

“When she fought for Scott Coker, he highlighted her, treated her right, but outside that man it’s always been this kinda sad story. Especially her UFC career,” he added. “You gotta remember when she came to the UFC they went, ‘yeah come on over, but you gotta make 140.’ She’s like, ‘what the f*ck man?’ She’s just never had a good relationship [with the UFC]. They’ve never kind of rallied around her. It’s heartbreaking.”

Whether or not they will treat her differently if she re-signs is unknown. But, Schaub knows what White has said about her is not right.

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