Sunday, October 2, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says Jon Jones Regressed Because He’s Off PEDs

Chael Sonnen believes that Jon Jones has regressed and it boils down to being off performance enhancing drugs.

Jones defended his light heavyweight title for the second time in his current reign at UFC 239. He took on Thiago Santos in a bout that was more competitive than many anticipated. By the end of the fight, one judge even scored the contest for Santos. That judge was overruled, however, and Jones was awarded the split decision victory.

Sonnen Blames Lack Of PEDs For Jones’ ‘Regression’

Jones has had controversy when it comes to drug testing. He was flagged ahead of UFC 200, but it was determined that he was a victim of a tainted sexual enhancement pill. He then popped for turinabol following UFC 214. When the substance in question showed up in his system ahead of UFC 232, it was determined that a pulsing effect was to blame rather than a recent ingestion.

In a new video posted on his YouTube channel, Sonnen said he’s convinced that Jones has regressed due to being off PEDs:

“Don’t forget, Jon is not on PEDs anymore,” Sonnen said. “If we’re gonna punish guys and ban guys for taking performance enhancers based on the concept that performance enhancers help them, then we have to understand if we take those away it’s going to regress the athlete. We just have to accept that. So when you’re looking at a Jon Jones, who has regressed, he’s gotta start over. Good news for Jon, even in this new chapter that he’s in, he’s undefeated. Oh and by the way, he’s a world champion. Things are going pretty well. Turns out Jon’s pretty good even pulled backwards a little bit.”

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