Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chael Sonnen: You Can’t Totally Deny Henry Cejudo vs. Urijah Faber

Chael Sonnen believes the possibility of Henry Cejudo vs. Urijah Faber isn’t as far-fetched as people make it out to be.

Faber stepped inside the Octagon earlier this month. He clashed with Ricky Simon on the UFC Sacramento card. “The California Kid” stopped Simon in just 46 seconds. It was Faber’s first bout since Dec. 2016. The UFC Hall of Famer had retired from the sport, but never exited the USADA testing pool.

Sonnen Makes The Case For Cejudo vs. Faber

UFC “champ-champ” Cejudo made some callouts following his bantamweight title win over Marlon Moraes. One of the names mentioned was Faber. The two have engaged in some trash talk, but many are opposed to the bout as Faber just came out of retirement and defeated someone who was on the lower end of the top 15 bantamweight rankings.

Sonnen posted a new video on his YouTube channel and said he’d have no issue if Cejudo vs. Faber comes to fruition.

“That works for me. And I realize people are going to push back if Urijah goes right into a title shot and I’m not even predicting for you that he will. But every number of years sometimes we have to go off of the rankings. And while not making sense, it still makes sense.”

Sonnen used Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson 2 as an example of a fight that “didn’t make sense, but made sense.” He then went on to explain why the possibility of Cejudo vs. Faber can’t be dismissed.

“If you talk about Urijah vs. Cejudo, I don’t give a damn that he’s been out. He just beat a guy who’s been in. In this sport if you beat a guy, you take everything he did. … In conjunction if you have Cejudo saying ‘that’s who I want,’ it’s interesting. You cannot just totally deny it. You simply can’t. And I know that many of you will, that’s why I’m saying it. Just don’t forget the rule of this sport. If you beat a guy, you take whatever it is he has. If he’s got an interim championship, you take it. If he’s got the world championship, you take it. You take whatever he has. That’s the way this sport works.”

It’ll be a while before fight fans truly know what’s next for Cejudo. “Triple C” is likely out of action until 2020. The bantamweight and flyweight king is recovering from left shoulder surgery. UFC president Dana White says Cejudo will probably defend his flyweight gold upon his return, but history has shown plans can go awry.

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