Friday, September 30, 2022

Coach: Max Holloway Ties Khabib For Toughest Opponent

Frankie Edgar’s coach Mark Henry is used to preparing for Max Holloway by now.

‘The Answer’ will go head-to-head with ‘Blessed’ in the main event of tomorrow’s (Sat., July 27, 2019) UFC 240 from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It’s the third time the fight has been booked, resulting in three separate training camps based around Holloway for the revered Henry.

But that time spent may have been necessary. Henry recently told MMA Junkie Radio that Holloway is the toughest opponent he’s ever prepared for. Well, he’s at least tied with one other decorated UFC champion:

“No. 1 – him and Khabib. Max, I think he just thinks so fast striking-wise, and he can change it up really well. He won’t throw one kick and all of a sudden in the middle of the round throw the same hand, same kick to the head.

“The way he can just go, go again – he has just a bigger punch count than any pro boxer I’ve seen, you know? His punch count is insane. He does like 20-punch combinations, so he’s probably the No. 1 most dangerous guy that I’ve prepared for for a guy.”

Calm In Canada

In terms of Edgar’s state now that the fight with Holloway is finally happening, Henry believes he’s in a great place. In fact, he’s as calm as he’s ever been. Fighting out of the country in Canada, the coach believes that’s an integral part of finding success:

“We got a great workout in, Frankie’s vibe is just amazing right now. It’s the most calm I’ve ever seen him for a fight.

“It’s so important, you know? You’re in Canada, you’re not used to being there. It’s important to establish, once your foot hits the ground there, get the energy going, get hyped up and get the gameplan going.”

Cant’ Stop, Won’t Stop

Edgar could be facing his last UFC title shot if he’s unable to get past ‘Blessed’ in Alberta. He’s dropped two featherweight title bouts to Jose Aldo. A third loss would find it next to impossible to get another in the same division. Regardless, Henry insisted the 37-year-old former champion isn’t close to hanging up the gloves:

“I don’t think Frankie is anytime soon thinking about stopping,” Henry said. “So I don’t think I have a timeline because Frankie doesn’t have a timeline, and I don’t think I have a timeline. I’m definitely not going anywhere, even thinking about it so, like I said, he loves it, he loves the life. That’s the most important thing to stay on top.”

Doing What No One Else Can

There’s little doubt Edgar has earned a UFC Hall of Fame induction, and he continues to compete at the highest level. But there’s one thing that sets him apart from many others.

In Henry’s mind, no one else is able to fight at such a continued size disadvantage and find success like Edgar:

“Not only that, as small as he is fighting other guys, so many amazing fighters like Conor (McGregor) fought Nate (Diaz), said he’s too big,” Henry said. “He’s not going back up, or Jon Jones who hasn’t done heavyweight, taking him a while to get up there. It’s dangerous, they’re small gloves and it’s not just weight either. It’s height, it’s range and it’s weight. You’re not only talking about one, but three disadvantages, so I think what Frankie’s been doing, nobody’s ever done.”

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